Life Is Perfect, You Realise When You Reflect.

Life Is Perfect, You Realise When You Reflect.
Life Is Perfect
Rinku Shah

Life is perfect,
You realise when you reflect.
The hands that held yours
many moons ago,
Now need to be held and loved
as old they grow!

Life Is Perfect
Sanjana Talreja

Time flies, we enter adulthood.
Roles reverse,
for as per the law they should.
But for the root,
the branch is but a dead wood,
Old age is nothing
but second childhood.

Life Is Perfect
Richa Kalra

I was and will always
be your reflection;
In every stage of childhood
and till you made me independent.
Vow to walk with you till the end.
Promise to keep you alive
in every generation..

Life Is Perfect
Sulekha Pande

In the reflections of time,
mom and dad were in prime,
they loved me with all their might,
the family was tight,
but the time has gone,
I am grown up
and wanna move on,
I don’t want them,
their usefulness is over,
I want to take over,
they’re now cumbersome,
I find it tiresome….

Life Is Perfect
M Jeyaram

The conscious children
with conscience,
brought up by conscious parents
with conscience,
ensure there is light
at the end of the tunnel.

Life Is Perfect
Sarrvesh Waran

What goes around comes around,
When your turn comes,
don’t screw around;
look after them safe and sound..

Life Is Perfect
Sarrvesh Waran

Life has a way of testing us all.
As our parents enter the second childhood,
it is our call.
Would we stand tall or would we fall?
After all, what goes around comes around.
And when the time comes
and the reverse role you have found,
please don’t mess around.
Love them, be patient
and look after them safe and sound.

Life Is Perfect
Prasupta Roy

Give them love,
show them respect
They are the reasons
for your existence
Nothing is more precious
than their blessings
Caring for them
Is the greatest salvation.

Life Is Perfect
Sulekha Pande

The difference between
responsible parents,
and ungrateful children
The passage of time,
tells all.

Life Is Perfect
Debra Pry

Isn’t it funny
how life turns you into your parents,
and your parents turn you into life.

Life Is Perfect
Elizabeth Morrow

The circle of life continues
from parent to child,
then from child to parent.

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