Knotted with one,But bonded with another.

Knotted with one,But bonded with another.
Knotted with one
Tanu Malhotra

Knotted with one,
but bonded with another.

Knotted with one
Rinku Shah

True love will find a way,
Hearts that are connected
can’t be kept away

Knotted with one
Karthik Parthasarathy

Heart connected to one,
While spending life with another,
Not the easiest thing to do,
A life filled with misery like no other.
Can’t stop sharing love with the former,
Can’t start living life fully with the latter,
Can’t really find a way out,
A life filled with misery like no other.

Knotted with one
Priyanka Tripathi

Chained in marriage but no love!
Chained in love, but no marriage!
But the boundation chain of chain
exists in every relation!
Free yourself from everything
that binds you and your freedom to choose!

Knotted with one
Anindya J Ganguly

With my wrist chained in wedlock,
To a stranger, trapped in a cell.
I tie a holy knot of my heart
To my beloved lover,
knitting breathing trails.
Beneath the churning chimes of Autumn
Of the sweetly ringing bell.
The stranger’s heart splits in agony
As our bond doesn’t remain the same.

Knotted with one
Frankie Crabtree

My life may be bound to you,
And to you I will always be true;
But my heart, my soul
Will forever be beyond my control.
They remained where he is,
For I could never be anyone’s but his.
With you I will stay
and never speak his name,
At no time showing that in his hands
is where my love remains.

Knotted with one
Ajeyya Vivaswan

Caught in a chain
of a circumcised dilemma,
I try not to be a cadaver
in the traces of my pain.
I look for the Summer,
I look for the rain
For relief, respite
& a resolute remedy
As I remain locked
in ‘this’ jeopardy
Of juxtaposed
and jargonic event.

Knotted with one
Rinku Shah

Woes of a heart:
Shackled because of a vow,
Yearn for another even now.
Stuck in a quandary.
Your choice will set the boundary!

Knotted with one
Caroline Jones

You have my hand
but my heart belongs
to another

Knotted with one
Desiree L Wood

‘Bound in flesh
bound in spirit’

Knotted with one
Sulekha Pande

Connected by heart
to my soulmate,
bound by law and vows
to my lifemate

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