She Just Wanted To Dance,Not Caring With Who,

She Just Wanted To Dance,Not Caring With Who,
She Just Wanted To Dance
Samuel Jones

She just wanted to dance,
not caring with who,
maybe someone old, or someone new.
So she shielded her eyes, to play a game,
picking a partner, without the name.

As the hours passed, she ate and dined,
danced some more forgetting time.
It never occurred, on any level,
that her partner tonight, was “Satan devil”.

She gasped, and spoke in utter fear,
is it proper sir, to dance so near?

He spoke, and said, pardon me,
we’re in hell, can’t you see?

She Just Wanted To Dance
Tanu Malhotra

Love is a pious feeling
of touch and sense.
Don’t be so blinded in it
that you ignore the person
whose hand you hold.
Don’t be so overwhelmed
by the tunes of it,
that you realize not,
who is behind the music,
puppeteering your each
act and move
all for a game.

She Just Wanted To Dance
Ceona Chambers

Even blind folded I sense your presence,
I hear your song and it still moves my feet,
remembering who you once were
clouds my mind,
makes my hands reach for you,
one more time, hoping you’ll go back
to who you were,
before you changed, giving us a chance,
but this is probably our last dance,
turning your back without a second glance

She Just Wanted To Dance
M Jeyaram

The start of love for devilish pleasures
is the first step you put forward
to the gateway to hell.
Soon, you will face the music-
the death knell.

She Just Wanted To Dance
Anindya J Ganguly

Folded by Mist, Joy and Curtain
I waltz with the Devil himself
“Sin is not for Souls who don’t commit
The blasphemous task of adultery.”
Preachers would say but I do not know
I dance merrily as the Satan sings
For love, lust and liars falter and faints
As I foster my steps on the foyer of Hell.

She Just Wanted To Dance
Jaimie Mazzone

I whispered to the devil
“May I have this dance?”
Taken back by the pure love she was,
He said to her
“That’s all I ever wanted”

She Just Wanted To Dance
Sulekha Pande

I was playing with fire,
I was overcome with desire,
I waltzed away to glory with the devil,
blindfolded, eyes closed,
oblivious to the evil.

She Just Wanted To Dance
Debra Pry

I was blinded by love,
My mind hungered for lies..
But my soul knew,
That I had Danced with the Devil.

She Just Wanted To Dance
Alvin Ang

Blinded by the temptations,
not seeing the truth

She Just Wanted To Dance
Barbara Bauer

Dancing with the devil


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