Isn’t a ‘too’ usually a very obligatory response ?

miranda crowley

Isn’t a ‘too’ usually a very obligatory response ?
You are in the middle of something and your lover turns up with a i love you. Does your heart open wide with love? Or do you feel a sense of obligation to reply with an equally tender “I love you”?
Why not leave it with a simple thank you.
Does pleasing the other comes above being honest ?
How do you usually react to a Sudden “i love you” ?

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  1. Miranda Crowley Avatar
    Miranda Crowley

    As the writer of this poem, I am pleased so many people found it thought provoking. I wrote this piece intending to reflect on my own trust issues, relationship experiences (both platonic and romantic), and my own faults as a person. It's interesting to read the further insight that people have drawn from my words. xx

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