21 Best International Women’s Day Messages From Our Readers

21 Best International Women's Day Messages From Our Readers

On International women’s day, we asked you to share a message with all our women readers.

The idea is not to just type your thoughts. The world is enormous. There are beautiful and courageous women all across the globe, and connecting with all them might not just be possible.

So, we acted as a platform through which you can let them know that they are appreciated and tell them what you really feel.

Here are the top 21  messages: 

1. Jayne Van Kirk 
Pick your inner circle wisely.
Close and lock any unhealthy relationships.
Never settle for less than what you really want.
It’s ok to be alone as long as you are living your life  😉

2. Anna Artibise 
Always Be true to yourself . Value everything you are and never let anyone break you down or tell you otherwise. Be kind to one another and be proud of the amazing women you are !

3. Monica Avila 
Every day is your day, build other women up and remember you don’t need anyone to make you happy… men and women compliment each other, one is not more than the other

4. Faith Dunsmuir 
Don’t ever be afraid to say what’s on your mind. Don’t be afraid to ask the question. Read that book. Travel. Try that new recipe. Ask that person out. Buy that thing that’s had your eye for a while. Go for that promotion. Learn a new skill. Get a pet. Do whatever makes YOU happy. Do whatever it is that puts a smile on YOUR face and joy in YOUR heart because at the end of the day it’s your life and you’re the one that has to live it so you may as well be happy. Most importantly be kind.

5. Debra Pry 
Never let people determine your worth.
You are unique in your own way.
The magic is within your soul.
Never let anyone take away your fire or power.
Now be that badass warrior the world needs

6. Donovan Furin 
Real feminism is being whoever/whatever you want. Doesn’t matter if it’s a housewife, an astronaut, a stripper, or a construction worker. YOU decide if make up and shaved armpits are for you, not society, not your parents, just you. Be happy and the right kinds of people will find you.

7. Aissatou Sunjata 
Stay Strong! Women have always been the voice of reason, a voice of compassion, a voice of nurturing. We have always strived to make the world better, our mates stronger. We have always decided to not settle for less than we thought we deserved and being willing to sacrifice. We stand on the shoulders of all those who came before us back to Mary Magdalene. So, what we do now, although difficult should still be considered a magnificent cake walk!  (Y)

8. Ibrahim Yahia Alwazir 
We have been men for so long that we forgot the very womb that carried us, and the love we have been surrounded with from mother to sister to wife. We are partners in this life, but women have endured pain and sorrow cause of that partnership. 
Our dearest partners, you deserve the very best, take what’s yours, we owe you that

9. Brittany Perry 
We as women need to stop focusing on everything that doesn’t help us grow. We need to leave all the hate and negativity in the past and stand up together. Together we can conquer! We should look to other women to help build us up, instead of tearing each other down!

10. Sharra Zagerman 
Remember, a queen without a king is, historically speaking, more powerful. 
Make sure you crown a king worthy of the role

11. Usha Madan 
You were/are neither weak nor a victim the society (both men n women) made you believe and feel like that for its own convenience, you have the choice to remain like that or change for good but do take care that in the process neither you hurt others nor get hurt !

12. Aniylisha Gurung 
Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment. Know yourself and accept who you truly are when you truly embrace yourself 
people’s unacceptance won’t make a difference.

13. Bharath Ramakrishnan 
Do not believe the lie that men can stop you, only your fear can. You were born to be best you can be, as all life.

14. Stephanie Brown 
Value yourself and make your choices in life with the same process.

15. Samantha Hall 
Love yourself because your worth it, keep your chin up, you got this.

16. Rocio Alvarenga 
You are worth it. You matter. You are important. You are wanted. You are needed. You are brilliant. You are strong. You are wise. You are unique. You are stunning. You are precious. You are a Blessing!! Be you and no one else.

17. Malek Maknieh 
You are the heart of every soldier, the strength of every worker , the wisdom of every leader and the love of every child.

18. Donna Farmer 
Do no harm but take no sh*t

19. Bani Barman 
Your world doesn’t revolve around your boyfriend, husband, son, brother as a matter of fact not even your family. You don’t have to be sati to be a pure woman, in fact there is nothing really called a pure women. Choosing yourself over your family doesn’t make you a worse women. Be wise, educated, strong, sassy, pretty, majestic and optimistic in all ways. Happy women’s day.

20. Christopher Fisher 
Responsibility is power. If you make other people, anyone, esp an intimate partner, responsible for how you feel or how you react to things, then you are giving them all of your power. The phrase “they wouldn’t let me” should disappear from your vocabulary. The idea of someone coming to save you, or allowing yourself to become too dependent on any other person, is how we trap ourselves. In the old days making women completely dependent on their men to keep them, is how they were controlled. These days it’s a fairytale that romanticizes that situation. Even the best person in the world is not you and has no business being solely responsible for, or in charge of, your actions and choices. True, genuine, love is always a choice, a sharing of lives, anything else is attachment or possession and those are the opposite of love. Become a somebody and do not aim to just be somebody’s. Life is complicated. Life is hard and can be cruel. Each of us has to accept that, and take up the control of our own lives so that we are truly living and not just skimming along the surface waiting for someone to carry us. That is the only way we can learn to share the load, share ourselves and life’s responsibilities with someone we can depend on, without giving away control. It seems paradoxical I know, but this is JMHO, and what I teach my daughter. (And obviously does not include abusive situations)

21. Monica Avila 
Every day is your day, build other women up and remember you don’t need anyone to make you happy… men and women compliment each other, one is not more than the other.

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