The imprisonment of self, free your mind from itself

The imprisonment of self
The imprisonment of self
Noos Ha 

The imprisonment of self, 
free your mind from itself.

The imprisonment of self
Rinku Shah 

Imprisoning thoughts,
Mind is in knots.
Why do I suffer?
Making life tougher.
Need to make the right choices,
Silence these inner world voices.
I will be free
Watch me!

The imprisonment of self
Karthik Parthasarathy 

Bound by a cage,
Boxing me in.
Existing in reality?
Or just a product of my mind?
How do I find out?
Does it even matter?
How do I come out?
Do I even want to?

The imprisonment of self
Rinku Shah 

Your life. Your choices.
Your mistakes. Your lessons.
Your thoughts. Your prison.
You’re the enslaver. You’re the enslaved.
Your decision. Your freedom.
Your story. You’re the storyteller.

The imprisonment of self
Tanu Malhotra 

The cages drawn on the exterior, 
are only a creation of your 
internal blocks and limitations.

Expand your thoughts and beliefs,
to set free the fluttering bird within

The imprisonment of self
Rabina Rai 

Totally messed up,
Totally caged,
By the invisible bars
That surround my head.
They see me fine,
They see well,
But I don’t think they will ever see,
Because the prisoner 

of my thoughts 
is only me

The imprisonment of self
Sulekha Pande 

A prisoner of my own insecurities,
I doubt my own abilities,
I will keep crying till the end,
I won’t see the solution at hand,
blaming one and all,
making no effort at all,
I am engrossed in my sorrows,
I must focus on
my better tomorrows.

The imprisonment of self
Samuel Jones 

What I think… imprisons me. 
My thoughts..obscure what I see. 
I feel so alone sometimes 
shackled by the limitations of my mind. 
Oh! release me, 
so that I may live, 
to share with others
the way to give.

The imprisonment of self
Anindya J Ganguly 

I live locked 
in my Medusa meshed cage
Without hole or hell 

to evade or escape.

The imprisonment of self
Scott A Willis 

“we are all just prisoners here; 
of our own device”

The imprisonment of self
Debra Pry 

Imprisoned by my own thoughts.

The imprisonment of self
Penny Melgoza

When you create a cage 
around yourself, 
do not expect to fly.

The imprisonment of self
Mhutien Mha Rie 

Become imprisoned 
because of your own 
wrong thinking.
You’re also the victim 
of your own negativity.

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