How College Changes the Parent-Child Relationship


One of the psychological changes one undergoes while transiting into adulthood is the feeling of the need for independence. During this period, relationships between parents and children tend to be tense. Going to higher education institutions more often than not takes things to the tipping point. Before the tertiary institution, most parents are accustomed to having their kids tell tales of the day’s adventures from school. Attending higher educational institution brings the late afternoon tales to a screeching halt.

Reasons for Poor Parent-Child Relationship in College

High workload

The rigours of higher educational institutions often leave many stressed out. To combat this, students work smartly and look out for free online and offline study aids to help them out. This is why one finds most successful students visit and other free essay checker tools, to help them handle arguably one of the most stressful tasks in higher educational institutions; essay writing. They schedule their day and have to stick to it to excel in college. This lack of time leads to a loss in social relationships, especially with parents.

Online writing tools such as a free plagiarism checker help take off the workload that comes with essay writing in higher educational institutions. They provide scholars with corrector tools to help out. Parents often fulfilled this role of correction and assistance in lower educational institutions. The complexity of essay writing and other tasks in higher educational institutions means a student has to do away with direct help from their parents in most cases.

The desire for independence

The desire to be independent is only natural among young adults. Though after completing a higher educational institution, a student often has a healthy relationship with parents in adulthood. College experiences and attaining a higher level of maturity are often considered the contributing factors to such positive developments.

Reasons Why the Parent-Child Relationship can Get Stronger in College

For others, it’s the reverse as their bond with their kids only gets stronger. Below are possible reasons for this.


It is common to find that students who study away from home tend to have an amazing relationship with their parents. One often finds scholars who school away from home feel homesick.

Perception change

Most parents who have children in higher educational institutions now see their kids in a new light. Before college, these parents played the role of the authoritarian, they laid out rules and often imposed their views on their kids. Parents perceive their children are mature and play an advisory role when their kids gain admission to higher educational institutions.

This new perception improves interaction and fosters a healthy relationship between parent and children.

How Parents Can Strengthen Their Bonds with Their Kids in College

By performing the following, parents can build up a stronger relationship with their kids in college.

Teaching your child the value of independence

A parent should instill the value of independence in his or her child. Individuals who have children who understand the value of independence tend to have a good relationship with their wards who belong to a tertiary institution. This is because wards tend to appreciate their parent’s support in such scenarios.

Make an effort to communicate

As a parent, you can improve your relationship with your kids by communicating with them often. Try to find out the challenges they are faced within higher educational institutions. These challenges range from academic to social. Provide them with a listening ear proffering solutions or advice as opposed to being judgmental.

Pay them visits in college and have a good rapport with tutors as well. Doing this allows you the opportunity to stay in the know of possible challenges your kid is experiencing, which they don’t let on. Parents and kids need great communication to develop and maintain a good relationship.

Relinquish a great deal of control over your ward

The best parent-child relationship is built on trust. You should understand that your ward is capable of making decisions on his or her own, and trust they would make the right decision. Never try to directly influence their decision on crucial issues, rather learn to guide them by providing ample advice and a listening ear.

It’s a win-win situation for parents who let their children have more control as it provides these kids with a sense of responsibility. They can adapt and handle the challenges life throws at them effectively.

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