The heart, more than the mind, touches.

The heart, more than the mind, touches.
The heart
Claude Lc 

The heart, 
more than the mind, 

The heart
Sunny Marie 

I realized your heart
was hiding somewhere behind your brain.
so I will give you some of mine, 

until you find yours again.

The heart
Sulekha Pande 

A recipe’ for disappointment,
looking for love, passion,
and commitment,
from the people who have,
brain in the heart compartment

The heart
Rinku Shah 

Life toughened you,
As your heartless decisions grew.
Out of the blue,
Everything seemed new.
You and I were on different tangents
 I knew
Love colored my world
 and you had no clue.
I will wait for you,
Patience is my virtue!

The heart
Karthik Parthasarathy 

Renting out the heart to brain,
A knee jerk reaction to escape the pain.
I can feel what you are going through,
Will hang around for the refurbished you.
Any time you feel the need of a heart,
I can share mine 

and give you a jump start.

The heart
Anjana Surendran 

He was all with the breeze 
where none dared its turbulence;
She was all with the insensitivity 

where none dared to accompany;
Together they made their world complete!

The heart
Shubhra Singh 

Tired of the weight of my heart
Can I borrow your second mind?
I wish I could be free from what I got
To feel love less and be unkind?
Sometimes I wish to replace it with a stone
And to all the hearts , be just blind.

The heart
Rachel Leahanna Amburgey 

Most people think 
what they know.
The empath thinks what he feels, 

feels what he knows, 
and knows what you feel.

The heart
Sarrvesh Waran 

A comforting hand comes from 
someone who has a heart 
and goes for those who had lost theirs.

The heart
Bea C. Pilotin 

“Teach a heartless man, 
for he doesn’t know how to love.”

The heart
Anindya J Ganguly 

One Thinks from the Heart
The other thinks with the Brain
And that folks in the end
Make all the difference.

The heart
Hannah Connell

I love you with my heart 
and not with logic

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