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We have given you one word,  to write a micro story using that. (Just write from your imagination. Mysteries, science fiction, romance, fantasy, comedy, crime thrillers, anything)

The word was GAME

Best Five Submissions Here:

By Page Jay

He brushed her cheeks as he looked her in the eyes intently.

Her eyes were cold as the winter night, starless.

“You fought bravely,” He whispered.


She replied with a smile, trying to assure him that the world wasn’t as cold as he thought it was.

But she was cold and she was his world.

She closed her eyes, “Game over.”

Death won.



By Faith Dunsmuir

You came waltzing into my life and flipped my world upside down. I wasn’t used to such attention, such affection. Suddenly color appeared all around me and the world seemed beautiful again. You put the song back in my soul and the skip in my step, the smile on my face, the beat back in my heart.

BUT… Then I learned the truth. You never felt the same. I was just a joke among you and your friends.

A sad little game.



By Sulekha Pande

They’d met online….
A perfect match for each other, with similar tastes in music, movies, and books….
Both were accomplished and very attractive….
High achievers….

The chats started, then the intimacy increased, though they had many followers, they soon became committed to each other….
Late night chats, the longings and the promises to meet somewhere followed….
He asked for her nudes, trustingly she’d sent, shyly albeit, the videos, the stills…
She was head over heels.

Thinking of him day and night.
Soon he started thawing off…
The messages became fewer and far between….

She became restless calling him out, but the doors were shut tightly…
She became suspicious and started snooping around, only to find out that was the same sob story he’d fed to others as well…..
She’d no idea why he’d done it to her….
Though he had not betrayed her trust by making it public, still the betrayal was too much to bear.
She became dejected, lost her self-esteem.
She had no idea how deep the cut was, it bled and bled.
She tried talking to him one last time,

he hung up on her…
She bathed, scented herself, put on the white dress, the one he’d admired the most…
Filled the bathtub with scented water…
Gulped a full bottle of sleeping pills…..

And said goodbye forever to the online games people play with others.
She had left no note, so her death was attributed to acute depression……
He went away scot free…
He, after all, was an expert gamer.

Master of his game.

By Jenn N. Jen

I fell for it
I fell for you
You pulled my hair
And untied my shoes
You wrapped me up
Put me in a box
Turned off the lights
Every day I waited for you
Waiting to see the light
You played with me every night

But not so slowly days went by
And my screams turned to sighs
but you were gone

A younger game had come along
So here I wait
Broken and still
No more games
No more will



By Kaloyan Dobrev

Night. Beach. Wine. Moonlight. Ocean waves.
You and I.
Our eyes meet.
Our lips touch.
You and I are in paradise.
Killer. Two bullets. Game over.
Tears. Flowers. Funeral.
You and I are in paradise.



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