I Fashioned This Cocoon ,As A Protest And A Sign

I Fashioned This Cocoon
I Fashioned This Cocoon
Samuel Jones

I fashioned this cocoon,
as a protest and a sign,
to the men who crave my body,
yet disrespects my mind.

I’m more than an object,
of pleasure that you seek,
by words so lascivious,
you had me fooled for weak.
So I’m covering body,
in retaliatory pride,
til’ you respect my mind,
you’ll never get inside!

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Ceona Chambers

Quieting myself,
hiding under a shroud;
blending with the color abound,
not to be noticed in the crowd;
concealing all that I am,
so as not to offend;
until I am ready to show
all the colors I hide within

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Anindya J Ganguly

Being a shy caterpillar
I knit my womb of a Pupa
made of silence and silk
to evolve someday
into a bold Butterfly
and flutter into a cloudless sky.

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Debra Pry

I’m knitting a cocoon
around my naked body,
So you can undress
my naked soul.

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Karthik Parthasarathy

Knitting herself a cover,
To cover up her real self.
How long will she cower,
Without getting any help?
She can handle it alright,
She is made of sterner stuff.
Just need a thread
to unravel though,
To feel naked
and start all over again.

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Sulekha Pande

I knit,
I close,
I want to see no one,
I’m hiding my soul,
I’m a recluse,
I’m a loner,
I am me,
I build my own cocoon,
I am closing the world out,
though I’m not a loser.

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Drishti Nagdeo

Covering yourself seems
nice in the short run,
But, it would be destructive
in the long one.
Because, it’s not about seclusion
from the society
for always being positive,
It’s about opening yourself proudly
and accepting the negative.

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Donna Apter

A Peek into the Psyche
of A sexually Abused Woman
When asked why,
her stunning reply-
“I’m depersonalizing my body
to protect my “I”

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Jaimie Mazzone

Just like the caterpillar,
I embrace myself into darkness
until the time is right
to be reborn and emerge
as the butterfly.

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Karen Macleod

Self knit shield of soft knots
unfinished and awaiting
the unraveling your touch will bring
to feel before I see if you are.

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Sarrvesh Waran

I guess I have to make myself clear
And safeguard myself
if I wish not to shed tears.
I am not an object
To quench your thirst.
I am a lady, a lover,
And I want more than lust.
I want love.

I Fashioned This Cocoon
Michelle Webb

Trust destroyed
placing myself back
into my own safe cocoon
to heal.


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