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Drama Magnet

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drama magnet

The one who is abusive or unsupportive is the one who brings you down without your prior knowledge. These people wipe you emotionally and don’t even feel sorry, rather they make you responsible for all problems.

Have you ever encountered such a person in your life?

Chances are high as you’ve encountered a toxic person in your life. You may have realized such behaviors among your friends or your partner, who often failed to distinguish between feelings of love and friendship. These are the person who can do anything to prove their own thoughts. These are the toxic people who never be happy and don’t let anyone be happy.

The best scale is to find how you feel after being interconnected with someone…

As we know, our physical and emotional reactions are the best indicators regarding a person’s reaction. These people are obsessively needy, refuses to take any kind of responsibility, lies you and even ask you to lie for them.

Toxic people gain pleasure from taking away happiness from the things which the former once used to show interest, like hobbies or friendship, etc. These folks sometimes make you their puppet, which is their prime nature.

A toxic person will demand your full attention if they feel that you are not giving enough of yourself to them. This is not done. They destroy your world make you indulge in their world which is full of manipulation.

Lastly, we all think that we need closure at the end of the day. So, to be healthy and have peace one needs to take the final decision of their life. You may be ready to let go of a person that you know isn’t the one for you, still, you fight with your decision because of the love you feel for the person. But still, you need to take the firm decision.

-By Payal Hore

2 thoughts on “Drama Magnet”

  1. Avatar of Jim Coyle

    This may be a person who has been your friend, your best friend…. They were not the one that cared about acceptance or material or professional attainment… Such was the case with a close friend I had who changed dramatically about ten years after I met them. He went from my Matt Dillon bro to my … Neurotic Ross Geller… Hehehe… Becoming a drama queen in other words….. Someone as a male friend who produced more drama than a girlfriend. More bitchy than a bitch..? What is the cause of this a middle aged situation?

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