You Can Keep Running, But You Got No Escape

You Can Keep Running
You Can Keep Running
Nc Flow

You can keep running,
But you got no escape,
You gotta acknowledge your reality,
Or you will be forever haunted by it.

You Can Keep Running
Robin Bitz

I am delusional within
my own reality!

You Can Keep Running
Sarrvesh Waran

You can never run away
from reality.

You Can Keep Running
Shibatosh Kar

Reality bites

You Can Keep Running
Belinda Stott

Escape from reality

You Can Keep Running
Karthik Parthasarathy

Escaping from the fangs of reality,
That which is filled with negativity,
Marching on to the land of opportunity,
To live a life of quality.
Easier said than done, though,
The key is still to know,
How to escape and go,
For a life of miseries and woe.

You Can Keep Running
Rinku Shah

Running away will not solve,
Only temporarily dissolve.
These life issues,
Reappear and the story continues.
Take a pragmatic approach,
Don’t let them
on your happiness encroach!

You Can Keep Running
Karen Macleod

Break free
from the futility of a dark past
not meant to last.
Pick up the pace
and race towards the light
of positivity.
Don’t look back.
There is a new and improved
reality in front of you.

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