Blame It On My Heart, My Integral Part

Blame It On My Heart, My Integral Part
Blame It On My Heart
Rinku Shah 

Blame it on my heart,
My integral part.
It is wild,
Not to be tamed or be mild.
Tore itself free,
Quick I need to be.
Lasso it and keep it close…
To love and deal with, it knows!

Blame It On My Heart
Jaimie Mazzone 

I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, 
I let it soar through the trees. 
Like a butterfly taking flight
ever changing but forever attached to me.

Blame It On My Heart
Pratibha Agarwal

And now no more heartache 
no more pain 
As the place where he used to live 
Is now not the same.
It’s out of my body
as it’s end of the blame game.

Blame It On My Heart
Jackie De Klerk 

Her heart wanted to follow him, 
she instead tied a string.
Now it can’t drift away
Until he decides if he wants to stay.
When he decides no,
She can just let go.
No more pain,
Just another life in vain

Blame It On My Heart
Mai Quesada 

A heart once broken. 
bled with pain, left a fresh scar. 
yet needed to be healed.
May I take it out for a while.
let it float and have a rest.
Until then. .be put back to place. 
but never to get hurt again!

Blame It On My Heart
Sulekha Pande 

Shot it out of my ribcage,
and it’s still tied to you.
Pulsating, reverberating,
goes on beating for you.
Bleeding, shattered,
still, you hold the strings,
my heart is neither with me,
nor with you, it’s still tied up,
where we spent the springs.

Blame It On My Heart
Charisse Angeles

 I’ll never be the same again. 
like my heart that doesn’t want to
be there in the place, it used to be.
 I’ll keep it out of reach from you and
I’ll never be the same again.

Blame It On My Heart
Mary Rierson Snead

 I won’t let you pull on my heartstring,
 my health, my healing, and wholeness.
 It’s mine and I’ll take it from here.

Blame It On My Heart
Stephanie Gauthier

 Innocently hanging on
 to a love that ripped you into pieces.

Blame It On My Heart
Debra L Laing 

You stbbed me in the back, 
but your wound freed my heart
 to seek love again.

Blame It On My Heart
Rachel Leahanna Amburgey 

The pain, it hurt
But it made my heart grow so large
I could no longer contain it
Now my heart can fit 
so many loving people
It doesn’t notice you
 or your hate.
Love covers all.

Blame It On My Heart
Merliah Summers 

“My feelings are tied up,
 they no longer reflect from me,
 I’m numb, I’m empty,
 not because I don’t want to
but because I’m tired of
 having a broken heart.
.even though no matter what
 I’ll still hold on.”

Blame It On My Heart
Aditi Kamboj 

No matter how much she suffered
 or was in agony …
 An attached piece of string
 (hope) kept her alive.

Blame It On My Heart
Daniel Bresach 

Your knife in my back
 is what allowed me
 to release my heart,
 and let it carry me
 among the winds of my life….
thank you.

Blame It On My Heart
Susan Barth

 Even though things seem 
perfect on the outside,
 there is always someone 
who will see your true scars.

Blame It On My Heart
Debra Pry

You left me wounded and alone.
But I will fly again regardless of my pain.
Broken can be fixed.

Blame It On My Heart
Sherry Greene

My experience with you 
It snuck up from behind
It ripped my tethered heart out
And I let it drift away.


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