Be Ready To Stitch, Be Ready To Knit, Better To Feed Hopes Than To Quit

Be ready to stitch, be ready to knit, Better to feed hopes than to quit
Be ready to stitch
Rajeev K Singh


Be ready to stitch, 
be ready to knit,
Better to feed hopes 
than to quit.
When heart is pumped 
with thread of hopes,
Life tends to rise 
& never on slope.
Be ready to stitch
Sherry Greene


You stripped me of love.
You left me naked and alone.
And after my grief ebbed
I sat straight up and dignified
And began to mend 
my tattered heart.
Soon, I’ll be whole again.
Be ready to stitch
Sulekha Pande


Mending a broken heart,
with the threads of hope


Be ready to stitch
Happy Honey


Only hope can
mend a broken heart.


Be ready to stitch
Drishti Nagdeo


When my wounded heart 
could no longer cope,
I decided to weave it 
with hope. 
Be ready to stitch
Aderinboye Micheal Olawale


Don’t just sit there broken hearted
When you can mend your heart 
with a thread of hope!
Don’t drown in depression 
but Hope to find peace in love. 
Be ready to stitch



Hope is what keeps her going.
Hope is why her heart still beats.
Against all the wrong doing,
Why love she always greets…


Be ready to stitch
Anubha Sharma


My heart is built from 
the hopes that you gave me,
The naked truth is though 
you don’t feel for me anymore 
but I still believe your love 
will save me. 
Be ready to stitch
Rinku Shah


I have known loneliness and despair
So with love and hope I repair…
Ready to give my heart 
another chance,
In life’s dance!
Be ready to stitch
Brandy Bowley


So many people
bare themself
for the world to see,
in hopes of acceptance
that will never be.


Be ready to stitch
Katherine Hart


I sit here nude open
and care free for
I still have Hopes
to mend in my Heart
and Dreams.



Be ready to stitch
Kevin Martin


She had hopes
of mending my heart.



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