All The Art Of Living, Lies In A Fine Mingling

All The Art Of Living,Lies In A Fine Mingling
All The Art Of Living
Ravina Jain

All the art of living ,
lies in a fine mingling
of letting go and holding on

All The Art Of Living
Sulekha Pande

I am the creator,
creator of my own prison,
my own art,
takes part,
in holding me back,
from creating my masterpiece,
bit by bit, it gnaws at me,
holds my hand,
I look for my release.

All The Art Of Living
Karthik Parthasarathy

The “Me” I created,
Held me back.
It looked so real,
Though I knew it is not.
I know it is all my imagination,
Only in my mind.
Yet when it held me back,
Froze in time full of shock.

All The Art Of Living
Ravina Jain

Don’t let the fear of judgement
hold you back,
Art of expression, is all you lack,
All the shallow inhibitions that hold you rigid,
let them go~
Pour your emotions out,
let their depths creatively flow~

All The Art Of Living
Swati Chauhan

Clutched by our own creation,
Waiting desperately for the exit,
Looking for ways
to get out of prison,
Either creator
or creation has to cease to exist.

All The Art Of Living
Debra Pry

There’s nothing holding you back,
but you.

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