With Age, Comes Wisdom The Materialistic Pleasures

With Age,Comes Wisdom The Materialistic Pleasures
With Age
Ravina Jain

With age, comes wisdom
The materialistic pleasures,
that cage us in our youth,
Will eventually find their way out
when the senescence arrives,
Let all the fake pleasures fly away,
Because real treasures
that are meant to be will always stay

With Age
Karthik Parthasarathy

The thought of money,
Let it free,
Never be driven by it,
Let it go bit by bit.
Follow the passion,
to do what you want.
Don’t be in it for the money,
But because you want to.

With Age
M Jeyaram

Old age is like an adage,
Its acquired wisdom and
Lived experiences are
The real wealth and health.
Remember, money can’t always
be your honey.
Minding your currency
Stops you from going frenzy.
Illness doesn’t make you dizzy,
But ill-begotten money
does make you crazy.
Uncage your desires blissfully and
Engage your soul gleefully.

With Age
Rinku Shah

Caged thoughts,
Torment us lots.
Set them free,
One two three
Snip the barbed wire,
Watch them fly higher.
Health or wealth,
let it not haunt
Watch it manifest,
whatever you want!

With Age
Debra Pry

Break free from Who You Are,
before Society told you
what to be, and think.
Money does not make the man.
The man makes the money.

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  1. Joni Blackstock Avatar

    Love your posts and regularly pondering the pic prompts that show up in my pinterest feed, silently observing what comes up from within myself as I observe. This one is different. It seems to say quite a lot all on its own. Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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