6 Benefits Of A Health Share Program

Health Share Program

You’re not alone in experiencing astonishment and dismay, especially with your health insurance premium for the year 2021 increasing. Because of this, healthcare sharing ministries, healthcare reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), and other healthcare alternatives are rising. 

The biblical mandate (and the traditional Christian practice) of bearing one another’s burdens had been carried out for many years before some healthcare systems took on their present form. People would help one another out when unexpected and expensive medical expenses arose. Church members continue to surround one another when a life crisis occurs, and help one another. This sort of help can be a relief in tough times, but what many Americans need is the sense of belonging and support that comes from being a part of a broader community.  

This is where healthcare sharing comes into play. In addition to offering your family the ability to retain control over your healthcare, membership in a healthcare sharing ministry also provides peace of mind as you pay for your care in the community in which your money will be used for the benefit of others — and where you’ll also receive financial assistance. 

health share

Read along and discover the benefits of health share programs:   

1. Cheaper Than Conventional Insurance 

You should consider health share plans and learn about how Health Share Programs work if you’re afraid you can’t afford health insurance premiums on your own. Various plans and ministries offer different price points, so check which one is most suitable for your situation. If you account for that, you’ll still be able to save some money. If you cover your entire family under one plan, you can score further discounts. You can always change your mind later and switch to a cheaper or a higher plan. 

It’s inexpensive to participate in healthcare sharing ministries, at least in comparison to traditional health insurances.  A health sharing ministry that sees children as blessings doesn’t increase the monthly payment of a family member added to the program. Many healthcare professionals offer uninsured patients discounts and negotiate the cost of visits and treatments, mainly if payment is made right up front.  Including preventative healthcare appointments and lab work, this discount will cover all services received.

2. Transparency 

You can usually find out how your contributions were spent with most ministries. Occasionally, you’d receive a monthly share to help cover medical expenses, and your monthly claim would include a note explaining what they paid for. With some health shares, you can track your investments instead of just making its way to unknown expenditures. For example, you can see how much your monthly contribution has helped someone through their recovery from surgery or added a new addition to the household. 

Some ministries even give you the option of sending your monthly shares directly to individuals. In these cases, the money is distributed by the church itself. Having a transparent and proper healthcare plan surely can add to your mental well-being. Contrary to other misleading insurance plans with hidden charges, it usually doesn’t stress the plan holder. 

3. You Can Join Anytime 

In many cases, people become members of health share plans because they missed the Affordable Care Act opportunity. When you apply outside of the deadline or when a life event triggers your eligibility, you won’t join ACA plans. While you don’t have to enroll in a health share plan at any particular date, you can register at any time. This leaves you more flexibility with no time pressure at all. 

4. Supportive Religious Community 

A health share company’s website typically includes fora that members can visit. If you happen to be in a rough place at the time, you may ask questions on those fora or even ask for moral and spiritual support! The community can pray for you anonymously using prayer request forms on some of the sites. Feeling cared for at a time of need, especially by people who care, is a nice feeling. 


5. You Can Decide Who To Consult For Medical Care 

You choose which care provider to see. You can visit and consult other medical practitioners like therapists, chiropractors, psychiatrists, and so on. An MD diagnosis is necessary for some “shareable” costs, but other providers’ natural treatments could be shareable.  There may be exceptions to this among healthcare sharing ministries.   

6. Better Control And Freedom 

Some people don’t want to have their choices dictated by the government, health care companies, or health maintenance institutions. Self-pay patients are more likely to receive the treatment they want than to be forced into one they don’t want. When it comes to health share, doctors and specialists may be chosen independently. Programs are independent of the employer or your employment status. You can switch jobs, move to another nearby town, start a business, and your plan will go with you wherever you go. 


However, healthcare sharing is not a 100% genuine substitute for traditional health insurance. But, this article has presented you with all its good points.  To make sure you comply with healthcare sharing rules, read them thoroughly and finally decide if they’re best suited to your needs.

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