5 Tips For Lowering Your Stress Level

Lowering Your Stress Level

Negative Stress Is Unhealthy, Positive Stress Isn’t

Stress is toxic to your health, there are no two ways about it. If you’ve got pre-existing health issues, then bad stress will make them worse. However, there is such a thing as good stress. An example of this would be something like exercise—in proper amounts, of course. Too much exercise over-stresses your body.

Here’s why stress impacts you negatively: telomerase is something that, in the form of “telomeres”, binds your DNA together. Have you seen tape at the end of a shoelace? It’s kind of like that. This is an imperfect analogy, but it’s very illustrative. Stress that’s negative eats away telomerase, and so the telomeres “unravel”. This is the aging process as understood by modern science.

What is necessary for best health and longevity is diminishing your levels of negative stress. There are a lot of ways to manage stress, some are going to be more effective than others. Following we’ll briefly cover five strategies you an incorporate into your regular routine as a means of reducing stress loss and expanding health well into advanced age.


1. Diminish Your Stress Surface Area Through “Straight Shooting”

Many fictional comedic capers have as their basis a protagonist who lies, then tells an increasingly intricate bevy of lies to offset the coming sledgehammer of truth. Most “farce” is based on a plot that is essentially this progression of events. Comedy resonates with people when it concerns accurate events. Farce is based, at least in part, on real human activity.

To avoid the stress of dealing with the fallout from our actions, we regularly lie. You may have heard the term “little white lie”. Well this is just using one metaphysical credit card to pay off another. It’s blowing a debt bubble, where truth is required for the debt of deception in the fullness of time. This bubble of deception will burst eventually. But you can’t trick an honest man.

Here’s the thing: by trying to avoid the fallout of your mistakes, you actually just book yourself a more stressful event in the fullness of time. It’s better to “take your licking and keep on ticking” than to forever seek deferral of that event. Deferring stress collects a sort of spiritual interest that must be paid. When paid, the impact is harder than were the initial issue to be honestly resolved from the start.

A matrix of deception will scientifically age you, as it will make daily life increasingly stressful, depleting your body of elements necessary for healthy functionality. So what you want to do is be as much of a “straight shooter” as you can. Everyone makes mistakes. Own them, and move on, rather than trying to dance around them. This may not be a popular sentiment, but it is a true “life hack” if ever there were one.

Eat Healthy And Exercise

2. Try To Eat Healthy And Exercise

It’s best to be honest and conduct yourself in as straightforward a manner as possible. However, if you do that while stuffing your body with processed foods and avoiding physical activity, you’re blowing another kind of debt bubble—this one in terms of health. You actually stress your body harder by eating wrong and being sedentary.

Think about it critically: what’s going to be harder on your body; a hundred pounds, or three hundred pounds? The body has to work harder with more weight. Just as there is good and bad stress, there is good and bad weight. Muscle weight is good, when balanced. It’s bad when you go too far. A little fat isn’t bad, unless it totally overcomes you.
Your best bet is to eat natural, organic foods without antibiotics, preservatives, or hormones. Find a way of incorporating exercise into your daily routine if you can’t hit the gym regularly. Building a shack with reclaimed materials in a DIY way will cost about as much, in the long run, as a gym membership. But you get exercise and property out of the deal. It’s a win-win.

3. Ease Your Mind With A Medical Support Option

Health insurance will help you cover pre-existing conditions while simultaneously assisting you with novel issues that develop outside your control. This helps ease your mind so when something impacts you physically, it doesn’t hit you so hard mentally.

You can find about the best health insurance plans here. Knowing you’ve got support options reduces stress.

4. Expand Your Artistic Side: Think On What’s Good

Horror movies can actually stress you out. Certain artistic expressions are toxic to the mind. Ever been depressed and found your mind in a mental loop, where you continuously go over that which made you sad, simply propounding the depression? Horror does the same in another way. Violence, duplicity, and other things which are of the “dark side”, if you will, impact your mind.

Thinking on that which isn’t good, noble, beautiful, honorable, or commendable will affect your bodily composition. As they say, garbage in, garbage out. Put good things into your mind, and think on them. This will help reduce collateral stress from negative thinking.

Lean Into Family

5. Lean Into Family And Friends: Community

Community aligns the mind to positivity, helping you avoid negative patterns of thought, and instead concern yourself with doing good by said community. Family and friends are the most natural positive community. Involve yourself as best you can with those already closest to you.

Reduced Stress Expands Positive Health

Family, friends, and community help get you “outside” of yourself, aligning your mind with positive thinking. Having a secure health option also takes a bit of stress off your mind. Eating right and exercising regularly gives your body proper fuel for long-term functionality. Being a “straight shooter” helps you keep from getting yourself in increasingly stressful situations. Altogether, these five tips can cumulatively reduce your overall stress, extending life.

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