Why The Zodiac Signs Are Bad Influence

Why The Zodiac Signs Are Bad Influence

Why The Zodiac Signs Are Bad Influence

ARIES: Says the unfiltered things everyone else is secretly thinking

TAURUS: Enables your inner Negative Nancy

GEMINI: Encourages you to text the ex you absolutely shouldn’t text

CANCER: Justifies your disproportionate emotional responses because they’re -authentic feelings

LEO: Assures you that all your critics are just jealous

VIRGO: Everything they say sounds like a fact even when it isn’t

LIBRA: Is charming enough to get away with things others can’t

SCORPIO: Can easily talk you into being their accomplice

SAGITTARIUS: Hanging out with them usually means staying out past 4 am

CAPRICORN: Convinces you that your emotions are holding you back in life

AQUARIUS: Constantly reminds you that rules are social constructs

PISCES: Joins you in your bottomless pit of wallowing instead of helping you escape it.

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