Who The Zodiac Signs Want

Who The Zodiac Signs Want

Who The Zodiac Signs Want

Aries: Someone to calm them down, to be the ice to their fire.

Taurus: Someone who will bring them out of their shell, bring them on adventures.

Gemini: Someone whose sensitive and will make them think twice about what they say.

Cancer: Someone who will bring stability, someone who will reassure them that they’ll always be there.

Leo: Someone who can remind them that they aren’t always right and that sometimes other people have to shine

Virgo: Someone to bring them out of their heads, things aren’t always so complex

Libra: Someone to respect them and take them seriously, make them know their opinions are valued

Scorpio: Someone to understand them, someone whom they can trust and tell anything too

Sagittarius: Someone to have fun with but also who can settle them down from their rebel ways

Capricorn: Someone goofy that can cheer them up, someone fun and carefree

Aquarius: Someone to let them know when they’re being too stubborn, to stop them from overreacting

Pisces: Someone who is willing to help them not be so sensitive, remind them how great they are

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