What Zodiac Signs Are Alike?

What Zodiac Signs Are Alike

What Zodiac Signs Are Alike?

Cancer, Pisces

• The Mom friend
• Say sorry too often
• Obsessed with hot famous guys/girls

Scorpio, Capricorn

• Is cute but don’t know it
• Likes bands you’ve never heard of
• Hates everyone

Sagittarius, Leo

• Has a lot of amigos
• Open to trying new things
• Smiles but cries on the inside

Gemini, Libra

• Dramatic
• Take care of you when you are drunk
• “I don’t, know”, “You choose”

Aries, Virgo

• Highkey resting b*tch face
• Nice unless you disagree with them about anything
• Has probably killed someone

Taurus, Aquarius

• Always sleeping
• Loves memes
• Will absolutely not share food

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