Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign(29th January to 4th February)

Weekly Horoscope 29 January to 4th February

Aries – Power struggles at work will lead you to set boundaries. If your romantic relationship is a happy one, you’ll be sharing some passionate moments with your lover. Singles will be in the mood for fun. If your relationship is already strained, don’t project your frustrations onto your partner.

Taurus – Personal or professional setbacks might make you feel hopeless. But if you can learn from these experiences, soon there will be opportunities to grow & flourish. You’ll receive support from your friends & a busy social life will keep your mind off of your worries & frustrations.

Gemini – If you’re plagued with dissatisfaction & disappointments regarding emotional & personal aspects, accept the situations as they are & stop resisting. Things will eventually work out. You’ll be able to divert your attention to work or your other responsibilities & have a productive week.

Cancer – You will muster up the courage to assert your needs & expectations without giving in to the fear of upsetting others. This might lead to some drastic changes in your surroundings. But these shifts will be essential for you to step into your power. Reflections will bring solutions & insights.

Leo – You will sit with your hurting emotions & come to terms with your present life situations. You might feel the urge to fix a relationship or start a new one. Being positive, patient, & flexible will help you co-create your reality with the Universe, opening new possibilities for your dream life.

Virgo – If things aren’t going your way, come up with some creative solutions for your existing problems. It will help if you become flexible & collaborate with others. Ambition or a sense of purpose will drive you to take initiative & the necessary actions to take your life to the next level.

Weekly Horoscope 29 January to 4th February zodiac
Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign(29Th January To 4Th February)

Libra – You will find creative inspiration galore & this will help you express yourself with more ease & confidence. But you have to be true to yourself. Instead of fixing what’s no longer working, speak your truth & embrace the chaos. Go inward, find your dreams, & just go after them.

Scorpio – You might feel uncertain & lost while making important decisions. You’re evolving & growing out of old patterns, practices, & relationships. Instead of clinging to the past, create healthier habits & make room for new blessings. Approach your goals with determination & you’ll find your way.

Sagittarius – You’ll bring harmony, balance, & healing to your close relationships by being more receptive & nurturing. You’ll accept people as they are & give up your need to control them. This will help you release your resentments and the same time, create healthy ways of setting boundaries.

Capricorn – Some things might not work out as planned. Be dynamic & adventurous. Accept uncertainty & work with what you have in the present. You can look back & realize how far you have come to find the required confidence & optimism. Your efforts will be recognized eventually.

Aquarius – It will be a week of new experiences & possibilities. You’ll be gearing up to make plans for the future & explore life more. Whether you book that vacation or sign up for that dance class, everything you do with intention will bring pleasure. Enjoy, but don’t do anything reckless.

Pisces – With confidence & honest work, you’ll boost your finances. You’ll be best advised to make smart choices regarding investment & savings. Also, ground yourself & reflect on your future plans. If you gain clarity on what you want, your intentions will bring the desired output easily.

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