Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign(3rd December To 9th December)

Weekly Horoscope 3rd december to 9th december part one

Aries : As Venus moves into Scorpio, your passion grows and this will inspire you to try going deeper into relationships. Neptune’s move in Pisces makes you more intuitive, directing you towards emotional clarity. Be open and explore your depths to find something that matters.

Taurus : Venus in Scorpio transforms love and money, provoking the need to reassess what is really important for you. Neptune’s movement forward in its orbit brings light to dreams thus inspiring creativity. Mix fantasy with practicality in order to bring fruitful results.

Gemini : With the arrival of Venus in Scorpio, expect intensified communication between partners. Neptune direct in Pisces wants you to combine logic with intuition. This week, pay attention to both words and silence for a better understanding of others.

Cancer : Venus enters Scorpio which makes this a highly potent period to form deep and emotional bonds. Neptune moving forward through Pisces heightens your sensitivity giving room to more empathy. Treasure relationships and trust yourself.

Leo : Scorpio is graced by Venus while activating our romantic and creative side. Neptune’s direct movement to Pisces enhances your spiritualism. Balance intuition with desire as you navigate through the complexities of this week.

Virgo : Venus’ journey in Scorpio fosters your need for stability in relationships. Since Neptune is going direct in Pisces, focus on bringing harmony between your internal world and the external one. Look for emotional well-being within a healthy daily routine.

Weekly Horoscope 3rd december to 9th december part two
Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign(3Rd December To 9Th December)

Libra : Venus in Scorpio helps you connect with others on a deeper level. With Neptune being in Pisces, the cosmic force enhances communication. Hence there will be heartfelt conversations made possible through deep connections, openness, and authenticity.

Scorpio : When Venus enters your sign there could be an interplay of charm and attraction around you. With Neptune moving ahead in Pisces, it could be an opportunity for self-reflection and spiritual development. Use this energy to forge meaningful relationships and change your life.

Sagittarius : Venus in Scorpio will make you look at the hidden sides of your relationships. Neptune in Pisces helps you understand what you truly value and how you’re making your money. Seek depth within yourself and in the world around you. When in doubt, follow your gut.

Capricorn : Your social circle is enhanced as Venus moves into Scorpio. It means intense, yet fulfilling interactions with the people surrounding you. Neptune direct in Pisces asks you to believe your dreams. Streamline friendship rings that align with your dream careers.

Aquarius : The transit of Venus across Scorpio will highlight your career and public image. When Neptune is going direct in Pisces, it’s usually accompanied by high levels of creativity and idealism. Allow compassion to be mixed with ambition in order for you to achieve your purpose.

Pisces : Venus traveling through Scorpio brings you out of your shell and piques your thirst for adventure in love. With Neptune going direct into your sign, your intuition heightens. There’s a long way ahead but begin by exploring yourself and your world outside.

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