Understanding Attachment Styles For Building Better And Healthier Relationships

Understanding Attachment Styles For Building Better

Understanding Attachment Styles For Building Better And Healthier Relationships

Anxious Attachment Style

• Overwhelming fear of being alone
• Needing constant reassurance
• Jealousy, overpossessivess and neediness
• Viewing yourself negatively, but others in a positive way
• Highly sensitive to others’ emotional states

Secure Attachment Style

• Healthy balance of independence and relying on others
• Healthy boundaries and ability to trust
• Viewing yourself and others positively
• Comfortable with healthy communication and emotional intimacy
• Strong self-worth and confidence

Disorganized Attachment Style

• Negative view of yourself and others
• Finding it hard to maintain relationships
• Finding yourself freeze and disassociate often
• Feel unworthy and helpless
• Unpredictable behavior

Avoidant Attachment Style

• Viewing yourself positively but others in a negative light
• Pushing others away
• Having trust issues and feeling like you don’t need anyone
• Craving emotional intimacy but feeling uncomfortable when you get it
• Extremely independent

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