If I Could Go Back

if i could go back

If I could go back,
I would take all the wrong turns on purpose.
I would be reckless with chances and
greedy with wishes.
I would believe in a lot more, but trust less.
If I could go back,
I would find my fears earlier to kick their asses sooner.
I would realize that eye contact never killed anyone
and words hurt, but silence is what breaks hearts.
I would go back to tell myself that
I have the sky in my eyes,
the universe in my heart and dynamite
built into my own bare feet.
I would tell that beautiful girl
to never let anyone crack her steel spine,
never give anyone the power to slip disregard
under her nail beds and don’t ever allow someone
to leave a trail of regret beneath her skin,
and try to call it a promise.
I would remind her…Beautiful Girl
never lose sight of who writes your story.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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