How The Zodiac Signs Ask For A Favor

How The Zodiac Signs Ask For A Favor

How The Zodiac Signs Ask For A Favor

ARIES: Would rather not ask for a favor and suffer than admit they need help

TAURUS: Hopes you’ll say no, so they have an excuse to hold a grudge

GEMINI: Flatters you into believing you’re uniquely qualified to help them

CANCER: Profusely apologizes for having needs

LEO: Frames it as a small ask even though you both know it’s not

VIRGO: Stops midway through asking and says they’ll handle it themselves

LIBRA: Assures you it’s no rush even though it’s actually urgent

SCORPIO: Somehow spins it to seem like they’re doing you a favor

SAGITTARIUS: Laughs their way through a deeply troubling story as a cry for help

CAPRICORN: Cashes in on an IOU from 5 years ago

AQUARIUS: Would only ever ask the one person they’ve revealed their emotions to

PISCES: Collapses under the weight of a single task in hopes that you’ll take pity on them.

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