Law Of Attraction – Power of Universe

Law Of Attraction Power of Universe

Such is the power of the universe and the law of attraction, that if you believe in it and work hard enough, all your wishes can come true!

Universe is always ready to help you… You just need to wish what you want and You will see Your dream is coming True!!!

I hereby give you a trick to manifest your dreams with the help of the Law of Universe. These tricks I use in my own life. I have been using LOA for quite a few months and trust me it is working miraculously.

Let’s get started.

1. Deciding what you want to manifest.

Be specific, realistic, practical, and sensible here. Note down your wishes. Make sure you really want it. Otherwise, the universe will start manifesting it for you and you will not be open to receive it. So when you decide on a wish, be ready to receive it.

2. Tense to be used.

Pay Attention. Grammar stuff here 😉 Use present tense. Never use the future or present continuous tense. Write as you have it now. Do not write like you will have it some day or you are going to have it in the future. Like, I have my dream job. I have a lot of opportunities to grow.

3. Maintain a diary or a notebook.

To write down your wishes maintain a book that will not be read by anyone else except you.


4. Use a red ink pen.

This is optional. I consider red color as a color of multiplication, manifestation, and abundance. I prefer this color but there is no restriction on you to use the red ink color pen. It is not like if you use any other color your wishes will not get manifested. Design this process of manifestation as per your inner belief.

5. Conceal your wishes with God/Angel’s blessings.

The way you keep yourself, your kids, your home protected with the blessings of God/Angels in the same way you conceal your wishes. Before starting to write on-page and after writing is done do not forget to mention a God/Angel’s name that you believe in. By doing so even divinity will help you to manifest your wishes.

6. Feeling it at subconscious level by attaching your emotions.

When you write sentences in the present tense, do not forget to add up your emotions with it. Like, I am happy that I have my dream job. Emotional attachment makes this process happen faster once your subconscious brain absorbs it. When you read and write feel like you already have it by putting a smile on your face.

7. Do not be frustrated with time.

There is no standard time limit in which your wishes will be manifested. I suggest not to use any time limit while writing. It takes time for the universe to work on your wishes. Respect its time. I had a wish to start my own blog back in the year 2017 when I was writing articles for other blogs. Finally, in the year 2020 Universe manifested my wish So,

Do not attach time constraints. The universe knows the right time for manifesting your wishes.

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