Our Spirit

Our inside and out, The spirit speaks out loud,
Heavenly form and there is no norm,
Light, and colors, unlike any others,
peace and tranquility, we all love spiritually.

The dimension is heaven where our spirits are entwined and eloping,
together as one with the light so heavenly and blinding,
An existence so engulfing and true,
there is no other you.

Being true and no time for a feud,
a place to call home our bodies of blood and bone and matter,
No time for senseless pain and chatter,
No time for fake or envy among us,
every breath is light and love.

We are one with the divine and divinity that ties us
to the energies, we are made of,
A journey so pure of heart and bliss
that we do not have time to think of what we missed,
on the ego plane and the ego game train.

Together we thrive and strive,
to aim for the paradise we have instilled in our veins,
Love and courage, no time for pain only pleasure and thrill,
We are spirits, be still and be patient with the divine’s plan. 

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