“Our Life’s Journey”

"Our Life's Journey"

Yes! I also have a story,
Which became a history.
Don’t know from where to start,
I remember every event n its part.

Let’s begin from the day we meet,
Sun was fading its light,
Still, it had the scorching heat.
Month was end of the summer
Winter was stepping slowly.

Adorned in a peach color dress,
I eagerly waited for the expected guest.
Those waiting hours were long as years,
With it grew lots of fear’.

And at last the hour came,
When everyone said “Oh! it’s them”
I had a butterfly in my stomach,
Trying to listen to voices from outside,
I heard  cheering voices
Of laughter and chatter.

Suddenly heard a voice nearby my side.
I was asked to go,
To meet everyone, and
 Not forget to mention my special one.
In a moment I was there,
In front of them n in front of him
My heart was in my mouth,
The thought went to and fro in my mind.

I got a glance of  him
Who was sitting end hind,
And then came the troublesome time
Lo! It was the question-answer time.
I lived this nightmare of mine,
Yet! I passed this time.

Slowly the best part of the day came.
When I got the chance to meet the same,
The same person of whom I got a glance.

My heartbeat was running too fast,
Was rolling like a dice,
Grew faster and faster, twice or thrice.
I followed him for the talk,
For this firmly we walk.

I was in front of him, he was in mine,
So we could talk and can spend time.
When I saw his eyes his face,
His hair and his grace.
Enchanted by his words,
Like a sheep in it’s heard,
Our eyes were playing hide and seek game,
I don’t know how he felt,
As heart said I can reveal only my facts.

Then we talk about numerous thing,
Family, friends, study, and likings.
Time flies in its winged chariot,
So our talk ended by the time.
By the end of the time,
I had to take the decision of mine.
Now it was the moment of decision,
There is no chance and no reason,
For not liking that person.

In a spur of a moment,
I took my decision.
Then we all bid goodbye to them,
And with that parting,
My thoughts eloped with him.

This was our first meeting,
Which come to end,
Of course, it was a happy ending,
Which brought lots more meeting.

And with this, a story begins,
We named the story
“Our life’s journey “.


Megha Banerjee