Megha Banerjee


I know no what? what I have lost.


She cries at the depth of the night,so no one could hear her sigh.A lonely creature wept alone,an abundance of grief not to be shown

Loving Father

I slept on the ground and looked upward,the stars were twinkling as a polished diamond.stars remind me of someone eyes....


You are far away and I am here,Waiting for you in this lonely sphere.Counting on days those are left,Finding ways how days to be theft.

“Our Life’s Journey”

Yes! I also have a story, Which became a history. Don't know from where to start, I remember every event n its part.

Bird In A Golden cage

A bird was there, in the open air, flying in the open sky, full of vigor n zest, with shining n lovely eyes.

Abandoned Thoughts

A thought was born in the mind, A thought was born to be declined. A thought initially best of  among all, A thought that could solve all troubles of the lot.