One Road, Universes.

One Road, Universes.

We continued to gaze at the stars— sharing dreams, laughter and fascinations. The whooshing of the wind touches our skin with pleasure and, damn, those eyes, gives warmth to my soul.

Old places echo our old self. It brings us memories of our childhood, the lifestyle and culture that our parents taught us while we were young. The basic of learning from birth to adulthood— the essence of our foundation. Our development may start anew each time we meet another person. It can be him sitting at the coffee shop reading a newspaper while drinking coffee or strangers who you felt comfortable for a few seconds because they smiled back genuinely. The funny thing about being in the same place for more than two decades is that we can assume that we know all the changes that happened or is happening but in reality, we only recognized the shallow portion of its bigger picture. I am here walking at the same path but learning new things from the same people.

Last week, I decided to chill around our town. Wearing my favorite blue jacket, I walked. Each steps feels like I am dancing into the rhythm of my past, waving my hands unto all those old establishments and sharing a smile which is rewarding deep inside.  Walking feels like I am entering a new dimension of being in trance while others can include it as a form of meditation. When I wander, I wonder hard.

Growing up proves that being complex in a game of goals, rush and desires can share emotions that an individual can’t manage well. It can be a motivation or a discouragement to both parties and by pretending to be nobody, I’d grasped the idea that most people are not responsible on their life choices.  They want to blame others because they can’t accept the fact that they had failed. Rush pertaining to crashing, rush going down to a pit. Whenever we achieve breakthroughs we grow independently without seeking the attention of others and when someone is brave enough to show us imperfections, it teaches us to understand better because choosing to understand is a form of showing goodness; a portion of being pure— less judging.

Our parents love and the sweet anointing of our lover’s eyes are treasures to be kept. The creation of the cosmology of two while bridging the gap of the unknown can dwell on our hearts and mind.  A dimension of the old was reborn because old souls are not suffering from new beginnings but to same death, ignorance. One road will lead to Universes while paths will lead to one Universe. Be reminded that in every step and process, our will should be tested.

9:45 in the evening, we are walking at the same road but every time we take a stroll, that every time feels so different.

This is a reflection of a wanderer.


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