Ella Zarcilla

An introverted woman, a writer and a weirdo.

Manipulated Manhood

"In awe for the greatest regret that I had in life. I am now reprimanding loyalty to persevere."

Hestia And The Gods

This letter is dedicated to the gods— Athena, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

One Road, Universes.

We continued to gaze at the stars— sharing dreams, laughter and fascinations. The whooshing of the wind touches our skin with pleasure and, damn, those eyes, gives warmth to my soul.

The path of preparations—the future wife

This is my other persona who wanted to be heard, on being independent and a woman who wants to be a wife, someday. Submitted by Ella Zarcilla

Fall for you – Mind Talk

There's right and wrong to know everything and the truth is somewhere written in between.. Read more Beautiful Submission by Ella Zarcilla

Do not marry a woman who has the same faith.

Marry a woman who has different faith with yours. Marry a woman who speaks her mind... Mind Talk by Ella Zarcilla Get your thoughts/poetry/quotes/videos published in our Readers Blog, login/register on www.themindsjournal.com to submit.

“The change is not you or better yet, not today” – Mind Talk

Someone’s father told her, “be the change, be changed today, and act now”, but there were scenarios that those motivation can become fallacies. The perspective of one’s view will not be enough if we are not that wise to understand that the term itself is a trick. Mind Talk by Ella Zarcilla Get your thoughts published on The Minds Journal too. Click the link below to submit //themindsjournal.com/mymindtalk/submit/