“One” LOVE

“One” LOVE

A feeling that comes to my mind when I think of two girls loving the same man, is of not love but hatred. World too is a witness to this, whenever such stories were heard in history or even seen today, they expose bitterness in relationships.

Lesser or rather none story exist today for such a love as selfless love showered by two girls on same Man and each of them not bothered by any competence for love. 

“Men” you would love to sit back and enjoy the abundance of such love.

It’s a story of Myself and two girls in my life. First LOVE and Second LOVE. When my second love grew more my affection grew more to her, but I kept coming back to my first love as she was my life, and for sure the reason for life and to live was my second love.


Both LOVE of my existence are happy to give and sacrifice it all wholly. Both are charismatic and come with Midas touch when I am in pain or in sorrow. Both make my world heaven as so much cuteness, forever smiling and dancing Angels are they.

I would say I don’t balance my love for them but they give limitless love which cannot be balanced and I love that as balance you can measure, but imbalanced is a lot, you can’t measure, imbalance like a sea. I would question myself before falling in love again but my first LOVE would say certain things are best when left unanswered and when you experience it you get the answer coming in front of you without any question.


Today with pride I walk on the roads, on one side is my first LOVE and on other side is my second LOVE (My Daughter). By now it’s clear to all, how a man can be loved by two girls at same time in same place selflessly, yes that is MY “One” LOVE, no first, no second.

Remember this old song :-

One love, for the mother’s pride
One love, for the times we’ve cried
One love, gotta stay alive, – I will Survive
One love, for the city streets
One love, for the hip-hop beats
One love, Oh I do believe

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