Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

Musk Deer, “She” Is

Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

What She has, she does not know,

But what I want, 

I can only see it’s with her,

What she can, she couldn’t do

What I seek, I can only find in her

Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

What she is trying to discover, 

she is carrying within

What she is trying to set free, 

she is holding within

What she is trying to vintage, she buried inside

What she is trying to hold, she released inside

Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

What she doesn’t know is 

Musk lies in her own heart,

But she roams in the forest, it to seek from others

What she doesn’t know is 

Musk is what she was born with!

But she roams in the world, it to seek from others

Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

Everything is inside you, just try to hear

Everything is beside you, just try to bear

Nothing is impossible, just try my dear

Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

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    Because you are my beloved.

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