Mom, I Love You As Always

Mom, I Love You As Always

The long sleepless nights to follow him.

All he stared at the report lying in his hands.

Who would know life soon turned grey and dim.

His eyes absorbed all tears as the quicksands.

He would work hard each day making his mom proud.

He would plan ahead for his sister’s wedding.

Each day back home happily they would talk loud.

Life once was worth more than just spending.

He would cherish little moments more than dollars.

He believed in self-respect more than anything.

He never ran after the fancy glitters and colours.

Alas, who would know what life is to bring?

His mother is the big world in his eyes.

She is the sun healing his endless pain.

She is a rainbow across his unfathomed skies.

She is an abode of clouds that would shower happy rain.

I closed my eyes and I prayed for an answer.

What he went through each second of the passing days.

The report said she was diagnosed with cancer.

With teary eyes, he whispered, “mom, I love you as always.”

-by Arun Bahadur Gurung