Mind: I’m worried. Heart: Just relax.

Mind: I’m worried.
Heart: Just relax.
Mind: But, I’m totally lost now.
Heart: Just follow me.
Mind: But you’ve never been there before.
Heart: Trust me, you’ll love it.
Soul: If you two would shut up
I’d show you the map.

32 thoughts on “Mind: I’m worried. Heart: Just relax.”

    1. I see what you mean. I guess it depends on what you associate the idea of “heart” with. In my opinion, our rational minds may be a bit overrated. Of course, reason is truly important, as well as being able to judge things with a clear and objective mind, but hardly will we ever be able to understand the whole picture, because our minds are not made to understand it. Or perhaps, something is keeping us back from reaching the true potential of our minds. On the other hand, I see the heart as the place where we perceive energy the best, and also one of the resting places of the inner voice and intuition, which is the true voice of the soul, which guides us in life. Indeed, you can associate it with the more basic feelings, but I do think that feelings and emotions are part of us and are just as important as our minds. Our soul is made of both of them, and for thorough knowledge, we must experience the importance of both sides of our soul. Both male and female energy. But that is just my view on it.

    2. Thanks for sharing us your views. Actually, it is a new expereince for me nowadays that I try to make my inner voice louder and also try to trust it more. I am just reading Aaron T. Beck: Prisoners of Hate, he writes about it long. In my opinion inner voice is actually my soul (or part of it) and it is ideal if it connects with the Soul (God). To abandon Soul seems to be dangerous but I experience that it is really working in m life!

    3. You can never truly be separated of what you truly are nor from our creator(s?), though we have freedom of choice and can go against the universal will and flow of things, that’s not really of any use, since it does cause only harm, so yes, it can be dangerous, I guess. I did not hear about the book, but seems like a great read. Good luck and may it be enlightening for you!

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