6 symptoms your love is dying

6 symptoms your love is dying

The truth is, you’ve realized your guide to happiness is no longer through them. It’s heading off without them. It’s finding a new direction. And that is scary. Of course, it is. But deep down inside it’s kind of exhilarating as well. And which one of those is winning is not so much dependent on how strong your feelings are as what kind of person you are and whether you like risks or avoid them.

Last words

Can you have a relationship without love? It’s possible. In fact, sometimes you can not love somebody for a long time and then find that love back. The question that you’ve got to ask yourself is whether that’s what you want. Is that the stage that you’re at?

Because let’s be clear about it, a lot of love does fade. And even if it doesn’t, it changes. So if you do decide to take another path, then this might happen again. You might well end up feeling this way about that person as well.

So the questions should be, do you want to try again? Is what you have a good thing? And if it is, do you want to give up on a good thing in the hopes of finding a better thing? Could you accept that perhaps you’ll have nothing at all?

If you can answer those questions with a resounding ‘yes’ then it’s time to pull the plug and let the love fade away to memory, so that it can be relived through nostalgia, rather than regretted from day to day.

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