Losing Her

Losing Her

Six months seem six years long,

Dropped you a “Hi” but felt it was wrong.

The soil started to harden again,

Maybe because I only relied upon the rain.

Saw the yellowing willow as time went by,

Neath its bowers, dreams once rose sky-high.

I watched the branch that quietly let go of a bird,

Waited for years whose voices never heard.

Our sky sun-kissed with summer and sunflowers,

Cold clouds would stay far for hours.

Your skin so simple yet so sparkling,

Couldn’t help but just loving.

A heart could pace faster than your mind,

Or would you do the same if it were your first time?

Maybe I was too driven all these years for a light,

And now the fear of losing her haunts me every night.
-Arun Bahadur Gurung

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