Live for The World Hereafter

When in life, time and time again, you’re given reasons for disliking every possible thing that calls you towards the love of this mortal world, then don’t feel bad about it.

For it’s a good thing. And don’t think that ‘why is this happening to me’. Don’t be depressed about the fact that nobody seems to understand you because as far as you’re good at your end, everything is good. For all that matter is; who are you to your Almighty Creator.

Here’s the truth which we more often forget.

We haven’t been sent down for falling in love with this world. Though we find a lot of distracting options, one big reality rules out all the worldly desires, and that is; everything here is temporary. Wealth, health, beauty, love, in fact, everything.

Well, of course, human life isn’t easy. And yes, while being alive on earth, it’s quite difficult to cut off from the realities we are facing here and to think of how to have a good afterlife. But where on one end it’s difficult on the other hand this one difficulty relieves all the unnecessary sufferings we have inflicted upon ourselves. Suffering; which are only there because we want this world to be in our favor.

Obviously changing your perceptions and way of living isn’t a one day task. It’s a long process of continuous efforts, endless trials which will test our patience and consistency on the path of righteousness. But if only we could understand the significance of the truth, and make a promise to ourselves for integrating a much needed positive change in our lives, nothing could stop us from leading a life which leads our way to the heavens.

And I’m not saying that we should just quit everything that belongs to us, or to leave the people we belong to, and to just spend our lives avoiding every worldly matter. See, having a desire for what we want to achieve is normal, but to be so blinded by our desires that we stop differentiating between the pre-defined rights and wrongs of life; then that is unacceptable.

Working for leading a life of dignity is good, but living while not giving a thought to the reality that someday we’ll float on and be no more; this is something we need to eradicate.

To be precise, the essence of life is to strive; for making a life which will not only benefit us temporarily, but also in long terms; in the world hereafter.

And that’s only possible, when we’ll keep on contemplating our dos and don’ts.

As nothing will change until we decide to change ourselves. And once we have changed for good, it all gets better in the final analysis.


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