Like It or Not, My Friend or Foe

Like It or Not, My Friend or Foe

In between evil and good, I survive each day.

Some moments tend to be bright and some really very dark.
While I know I am made of both evil and good
I also try to understand that the ones around me are also compounds of the same elements.
After all, the supreme one that triggered the waves of life and light also gave us darkness as a free gift.
The point is, how can I be good when I am part evil and how can you be evil when you are equally part good?
If I understand the world inside of me, I will understand the world outside. Alas, we try to spend too much time understanding others without having a clue of who we are.
When I know who I am, I will know who you are.
Until then, we survive each day between our own good and our own evil.
You and I are the same. That means, you could be of a different religion, caste, sect, culture, race or a black, white, murderer, thief, rapist, narcissist, saint, scientist, your teammate or your boss.
Beyond the cruel darkness of every human, the light is the same. The more I see that light in others, the more I see my darkness disappear

Like it or not, my friend or foe. You and I are just one and the same.


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