Lavanya Raghuraman

Took a Bow!

He taught me so many things in those few minutes 1. Passion in what we do makes an impact

Dear God, What Next?

The beach was endless and so inviting. It was so inviting that I had to get down and make it to the water. 

Like It or Not, My Friend or Foe

You and I are just one and the same.When I know who I am, I will know who you are.

Spare a Moment, Please

In all the darkness we face,few people always remain the constant source of light Look out for them. They are your keepers.Spare a moment for them, please.

A Sprinter’s Meditative Experience

I would like to share my own experience as an athlete in school. I was a very active sportsperson. I played both indoor and outdoor games with so much passion.