Life is not always just a pain

It is ever more to gain

The true knowledge of the existence

Like a grammar in a sentence.

Life could be simple

If we fight back the small ripples

It is not in a few shelves of books or journals

Can that turn us the wisest above all mammals?

Life is more than who wins or loses

What really matters is what it teaches

Life is how a cloud metamorphoses into a mighty figure

With the blessings of the mother nature.

Life is powerful even through silence for a while

And without even necessary to have travelled a mile.

Not every battle of yours will be lost into nothingness

It is just a thinking that it could progress or regress.

Life is basking in the glory of other’s success

Which is a key element of real happiness

Life is a choreography, the lovely art

Can master it soon, if we open our minds as well as the heart.

Life is not always I or me

Life is beautiful with you and me,

Perhaps the domains of mind can look beyond what we see

Else, these words of mine will be words that only flee.

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