life !

life !

The philosophical rendition of life,

 is supposed to be full of strife

Life is a beautiful ailment 

Which is a wonderful fabrication of feelings, emotions and sentiments.

Life is an amalgamation of the past, present and future,

In simple terms it is an alluring adventure.

Life means you and me

And the mesmerising beauty that we aspire to see.

Life is the astounding journey that awaits,

Life is the blooming hope with every sunset.

Life is the humanity that is found in abandance 

Life is the fading smile with a token of reassurance. 

Life is the captivating beauty of the sun and the moon, 

Life is the hope that we will meet soon.

Life is counting the glittering stars in the sky,

With an imaginative mind which wants to fly.

Life is a blessing and a curse,

Life is a fragile child whom you have to nurse.

Life is the eternal quest for love,

Life is the faith that God resides above.

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