Silpi Maitra


His old habit of stealing candies from her school bag was replaced by his stealing of chocolate bars from the refrigerator after fifty years of togetherness


For once she metamorphosed her known characters there by giving her story an innovative amorous turn! . The Minds Journal.

A Brave Soul

I am a brave soulNot in fragmented parts but in absolute whole.There is beauty in every broken thing,Being compassionate with life is an amazing feeling.


With the passage of time , our closed group shrinks into a smaller one. The pertinent question that surfaces is, The Minds Journal

The Shooting Star

She thought while wiping the pearl drop that hurried through the kohl smeared brown eyes. Quite unnoticed above...........

Dear Tea,

My love for you has been eternal. You have always uplifted me whenever I felt demoralised and failed to see the brighter versions of life

My Dear 2018,

As the last days glide past swiftly within an wink of an eye, the memories, feelings and accumulated emotions fade in its natural rhythm.


She wanted to excavateher new sel fand for that,she tried to abolish her old self which craved for forced conversations and friendships.

The Contradiction

It was a miraculous contradiction which took the shape of the self and the otheras she chose words over his silence! . The Minds Journal


I had loved you in my summer and winter,You were the thought which I used to aspire,Sometimes immersing myself thoroughly in despair.


We are nothing butthe resultant factor of our choices! Let us not stop prioritize ourselves for the choices of others.Treat yourself with the ultimate

Dear Distant Friend !

I just wanted to befriend a person who seemed to shy away from strangers. Trust me, Dear Distant Friend ! . The Minds Journal