Let’s help each other

Let's help each other

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  1. We are all on a journey as we walk that journey we find different people have stop yet others continue. I also think everyone has a chance to finish and finally reach the end learning as they go. Others seem to stop or are distracted by worldly things perhaps that is why people can still hurt each other in so many ways.Not until you have complete understanding or why we are here you will continue to be selfish only caring about your own needs. Some of the cruelest people I ever met taught the best lesson. Hopefully we grow and learn not to repeat the same actions.

  2. Why have the humans on this planet forgotten the real purpose of humanity? Why does this world run behind money like anything? Why does money control everyone? Why don’t people realize there is more to life than earning money so to pay bills and being a slave to some men for most of their lives?

  3. Why do people play with some ones life?what right have they got to do it?why do they act nicely and at the end why do they cheat? Aome act very nicely at front and backbite behind why?

    1. stop being ‘we’ and be ‘me’… what do you want… this is not a race… find what makes ‘you’ happy and do that… being individual as a part is what makes the world… there are no ‘they’… or ‘others’ – it’s a farce… mind your own business… literally… and in happiness and truth – you will have your freedom… and stop judging what ‘success’ is… because money is just a load of zero’s with a little dot in the middle somewhere….

  4. What to say to a girlfriend that tells you she loves you, but has not and will not take time for you, not even 1 minutes, after a whole month and 1/2, and tells you that you are impatient and need to let things flow? She works part time, and has a son only every other week, and lives only 10 minutes away from you. I finally went to her job and said goodbye. What would have you done?

    1. I feel we give too much of ourselves to undeserving people in the vain hope that they might feel the same way one day, but that day never comes, the sooner we wake up from this deep sleep, the better for us, save all the love for a more deserving woman, I’m sure she’ll come along ….

    2. Oh please please wait..don’t say goodbye immediately because as you says she is having son, means with your girlfriend she is mother too, she told you to flow because she knows you are with her, please give some time to her, stay with her thoughts,respect her words and protect her from all problems please don’t say goodbye because she doesn’t act according to your convenience please don’t spoil, you have nice mature and decent girlfriend please respect your relationship.

    3. I am sorry Perry Dave, you must be kidding me, right! I do not wish you to be in love with anyone that will after 4 months tell that you are loved but that she have no time for you. I do not wish that anguish to anyone. Only a heart of stone can do such a thing. I am not even giving any other details here for respect sakes, but I thought just that one fact was enough.

    1. Bad people have no feelings for their actions or the people they hurt, they only care about themselves. Live your life knowing you did right by people, knowing that you cared, that you made a difference by not being selfish.

    1. Maybe it would be good to find out why he cheated on you. Depending his answer, you will know what to do. Dig deep into your heart and do not lie to yourself though when in love, that is a very difficult thing to do. Almost all is forgivable, but what you do next is really for you to determine with no false hope. Good luck. These are painful situations that require lots of care and compassion for yourself first, but also for him too.

    2. If someone cheats that means they have no respect or value the relationship..when trust is broken it’s hard to get back ..from my personal experience I would say let them have the one they cheated with <3

    3. NO.not good to trust again, because once someone can play with your feelings it means that person has NO value about our own feelings,this is a standard answer…but think once..why cheating in relationship? what was a really reason behind..? in which situations cheating happened..? what was the circumstances..? after all it’s a relationship between two…give one change to yourself and understand the actual valid point…It’s equally important to know for future too….one most important thing is mistake made by human beings,so remember no one is perfect in life….give one chance to relationship.

    4. No. You just press-on with the next chapter of your life. He may still be in your story, but not the trusted role anymore. He is just a known stranger now onwards.

  5. you know even after you spend years with a person he/she turns out to be something else that you never thought of. How can we understand such people who changes with time or benefits?

  6. Thank all of you that are giving your experiences about change .this is what I needed to read. I felt so alone and in a battle between myself of not knowing!! Thank you!!

  7. Change happens when it is needed, we go through so many lessons and from here we grow, to change means to accept self, all of yourself,to experience inner peace and happiness if you dont have that then you still learning, people dont change over night its a long process of finding ones self. Always apply the law of attraction to every aspect of your life and if you find yourself in a position that you feel is not helping you grow well its because you asked for it. THought creates things what you think you become. Put positive energy out into the universe than you receive that positive energy back. For change to take place ones ego has to die first that change will come in your darkest hour the dark night of your soul because you have to work for change learn from where you came and deal with the dying of yourself to bring out your inner true self. xx

  8. Thank you Terry for your empathy. Perhaps she didn' t get what i meant. Or not. I include her when i say that we can all make up our minds. Let' s be hopeful you and me Terry and most people here and continue trying to be better persons

    1. …anger can ''breed'' more anger or inspire ''fogiveness'',frustration is ''not getting what you want'',change your '' wants''…only you have the power to ''fix'' the problems and the solutions come in ''silence and solitude''…must be honest with ''self''…

  9. I change…. Everyday. I havnt always been like that…. I used to either fear change or I didn't know how… But I learned something over time…. Change is what makes us grow. I want to grow… As much as possible. So I change. It's a conscious and/or subconscious thing… Want change, desire change, aim for change, act on changing… You will change. Pick one thing or thousands at random… I just like changing in general. If there is one thing I cannot change right now… I will change something else. I would say bad habits are harder to change but the fact is if you commit to a change you can do it within 1 second…. An instant moment. Enjoy the benefits of change as they are amazing. Life changing. I've changed my life thousands of times… In little ways or big ways. Some things are easier to change than others… You may require to change more than one thing to successfully change a more difficult one… As many things are connected to each other. But its not hard to change it just takes simple decision making. Choose something… Change it…. See what happens 🙂

  10. okay then… Why do people need to be mean to each other? I mean we are all humans, We all get hurt and hated. Hatred is a chain, why just people dont end it? When you get hurt you either be kind or transfer that hatred on someone else. Why cant people just chose to be kind and live in peace?

  11. Stay strong and beautiful Helen there are lots of good people in the world, I hope you find some. Don't let users and abusers corrupt your kind soul. ❤

  12. Helen Landero Punay thank youfor your comment im going to set some goals and with my faith I think im going to acomplish my goal!! Michael Corman I think you're very correct because I would be ok two months and would fall back to my old ways when I thought I had been ok but reality is you got to continue working at it your entire life!! Yhank you for your comment

  13. Wow, thanks everyone. Those words are impressive and helpful to me. I have social anxiety, so Im always having a hard time finding ways to be happy,and its hard to fit in. You know. Thanks everyone, made my day 🙂

  14. Why people can't work for a common cause without personal egos mixing up,though they are smart enough to understand it makes the lives who need their help end up paying a price ! 🙁

    1. Because emotions are more powerful than intelligence.
      Despite of bitter experience we let it happen because heart is still attached their. That's my experience. May be different for others.

  15. I believe people make the mistake of thinking that a change is the end of it. No It doesn't work like that. Change is an on going task that you never complete.People get to a point, they think , hey, I've changed. They stop doing the work and they wind up right back in the same rut. Life works if you work it.

  16. Of course. When i said that we can try i referred to the act of helping someone else about his or her problems. Kindness is inborn.. .but what about of making up the minds of other people about it all the same? We all have to open our minds i think

  17. It's a gift …you have third eye …it's open… use it in good way nothing wrong with that.I am like that too sometimes but I just ignore it but sometimes its exciting to know one's thinking but sometimes it's scary too…You a visionary know your task.. you have a purpose explore it ok:-)

  18. Why people or someone I loved stalked me and his friends stalked me too?..and why women stalked and mocked my clothes and hair? Why people closest to my heart hated me when all I do is help them financially emotionally etc??? Why my friends envy me when I'm very much nice and real to them…? When I was inlove with this man …so many people mostly women hated me??? So many questions I'd love to share hahaha:-)

  19. I think there is probably just as much love and kindness, yet that does not prove newsworthy. There is no middle ground. Used to be a time when we would find in the news those feel good stories. Today, you can tune into the news for hours and you are hard-pressed to find one story and usually it is something stupid, something we would consider ordinary had we not had anything else to compare it to in the rest of the news. We are motivated by what we read, hear about or have knowledge of and without objectivity, sensationalism, there might be something which resembles human qualities other than those we seem to be aware of we just have to stop resting on those which we are presented with as the norm and the only ones.

  20. Gerry Blue I just went to a seminar and during it, it was said that a change takes 61 days to take effect. Not 21 not 30, but 61 days. Therefore, we have to be willing to submit to the idea of change and doing something different for two months roughly to replace what was old and do so with something new in the way we think or act.

  21. Change is an inner perception of what you want in life…reflect on yourself…set priorities… set goals… follow one at a time slowly but surely…change is pain …so it's not gonna be easy …I've been there …I tell you…it needs acceptance first and perseverance….then it's up to you to go on or not see??? Its always about us how we do it…but by faith you can do it….I can !!!and so you will!!!:-)

  22. I wonder whether people who were hurt, albeit child abuse, betrayal from loved ones, who resort to making all those they encounter pay, strangers, do they at any point feel bad? Do they at any point feel it is their issue and they unwillingly or purposely spray paint the lives of others in the midst of not healing, but making sure someone else hurts as bad as they hurt?

  23. The Minds Journal I am unsure whether I believe Time has all the answers. Someone who loses someone suddenly whom they love are told "time heals all wounds." Yet, ask anyone who has loss someone and they will tell you that it is untrue. Time may numb, but there are times which even time does not answer questions for many people. We can shape it though to create an answer to suit how we deal with the residuals of what has happened to us in some cases, but time does not answer, in my opinion, all questions. Simply, as we grow, develop there becomes so many others we face, we tend to either forget the ones we once deemed important or we find they are no longer as important because we have new ones which need answering/addressing.

  24. You are right Gerry. As humans we forget that when we are overwhelemed with all the pain and suffering but its true its all about balance and most of the problems are self created. We should look on the bright side

  25. Sharon I.Grant…. beautiful question…. men who called women like that …have pent up emotional disorder lol…which you can trace from his origin and behavioural surrounding example from his dads mouth,,,family…peers,,,neighborhood… etc….that is a sign that he never respects his mother sisters n female friends… in other words….no breeding at all or anger towards women because of bad relationship before.:-)

  26. Opposite poles attracts each other….you are lucky if the feelings is mutual…and you are unlucky if he or she ignores you…That is the mystery of Life. And the Law of attraction….. sometimes not all questions have answers…let it be 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. Well said Gerry Blue according to a Science standard point of view…and may I add to that….the spiritual bliss …the peace within you is the greatest happiness of them all…find peace in God and everything will be peace and happiness… without peace in our hearts everything will be chaotically in disaster… Inner peace is the key to happiness my Dear.:-) 🙂 🙂

  28. Thanks Gerry Blue im going to try . Little by little step by step!! Thanks mind journal. Im going to try to find what motivates me so I can try to be better.

  29. I have a different take on this one. I have found many men trying to win over fights or just to shut up a female by simply abusing her (targetting not much of the question/topic in hand – but on a totally of topic sexist ground ) Maybe they all of a sudden have an urge to feel empowered
    and that could give their ego a nitro boost. This is totally what my personal experience says. Do not wish to offend any.

  30. I have learned a HUGE amount from your page, sir. What I have learned here will benefit me for my the rest of my life. Which will branch out to others. Thank you 🙂

  31. Terry D. Pickron Agree ! Mostly the curiosity to know the whys, the revenge to put them down, some time and vanity to keep ones pride above all – may be by being accepted from a place it has been rejected

    1. I am unsure whether certain elements can be taught. It takes thinking differently. It takes sometimes being un liked by others. Alpha-males/alpha-females are not the best people to work with or be around. They may be successful in business, but may lack the people aspect of being able to relate without dragging everyone under in their quest to be Alpha. They are at times like old jello bad guy, the BLOB, they seem to consume everything in their path.

    2. But can it not also be a trait of an alpha male to lead a team and ensure successful growth within team mates? I guess you could have the perspective of a healthy Alpha-male vs an unhealthy alpha-male.

    3. Gerry Blue I agree with you. There is a difference in them. Not all Alpha-males, females are the same. I know of one who identifies with Silver-back gorillas. You can imagine his mentality. He is also someone who studied sociology, his career was a police officer, and he is a certified sociopath. He is an Alpha male who also garners respect and adulation by compelling his subordinates to believe he has their back and would do anything for them. It garners for him their blind loyalty. That is one example of an alpha-male. Be not a threat and you might continue to exist. "My way or the highway!" Yet, I agree with you, there is a reason for them, just not one which is social or amiable for any length of time towards others who must be in the pack they lead.

    4. I think there is way to many examples of different types of alpha-males to list… But to put the concept down in general is naive to my eyes. I see alpha as an admirable thing. Have you ever considered the concept of a peaceful alpha? For example… A Shoulin monk.

    5. A monk can be as fierce as a lion.. Stronger than his opponent, faster and more skilled in battle. A monk can lead a team of people and help them grow, teach them. A monk can stand on one's own and fight a group, can stand still in the face of intimidation and be at peace in his mind, heart and soul. A monk can show kindness, patience, respect, integrity… Love…. He can show a better way to live…. rather than follow someone who is not quite as…. Alpha…

    6. Gerry Blue You make me want to be that kind of alpha female. If not a monk, I think I would call those qualities the same as what a warrior would need. Do you also think someone could have those qualities, but like the monk, their intentions for using them are not to lead others, rather to lead themselves?

    7. Yes! I like that concept a lot! As one *battle* or *war* in life for many people is with themselves. You can follow yourself or lead yourself, either one is *being* yourself. Another could be you vs societies expectations and judgements.. Lead yourself or follow society. Alpha can be many things. I think in order to make a positive change to yourself or to the world alpha qualities are needed 🙂

  32. Plain and simple… Change takes a huge amount of effort. Where there are boundaries… You have to push them.. Where there is fear.. You have to conquer.. Where there is uncomfort… You have to adapt. Type in Google 'steps of adapting to change'… Look at these steps… If your struggling to change you may have got stuck or perhaps missed a step 🙂 good luck. Fight for change!! I believe in you!!

  33. Balance 🙂 there's a lot of love and happiness out there too.

    Nature gives us life and takes it away. Gives us warmth and gives us cold. Rain and drought. Oxygen and carbon dioxide. Day and night. Land and sea. Pain and adrenaline. Fear and excitement. Peace and war.

  34. Happiness is a chemical created in your body called serotonin. It can be produced through three things… Combined all together making some serious powerful happiness. 1. Enjoyable exercise (exercise.. And choose to enjoy it!) 2. Social interaction (socially interact… And choose to enjoy it!) 3. Positive thinking – (thinking positively – and choose to enjoy it!)

    Happiness is an emotion… The emotion is produced through thought… When you enjoy something… It creates happiness. When you think happy… You become happy… Really is as simple as that.
    Avoid things and thinking about things that make you unhappy… Focus and put happy effort towards things that make you happy. Then, i promise you my friend, with a combination of focus, effort and persistence… You will be happy. You won't find it… You will just be it. 🙂

  35. sometimes letting go is less harmful than holding on. u need to ask urself what's more important, ur well being or ur idea of sumthing that might never even happen. Dont let fear stop u from moving forward or improving your life. i dont know what ur goin thru, but i know that a painful ending is actually a new beginning.

  36. Because you are attached to the old to the dead .. You live in the past and you keep repeating it , if you want to change .. Forget totally about the outside start looking inside for your real self and automatically all that old will disappear and the more you are centered the more things changes on its own for the better.

  37. You're totally right! The thing is i've been trying for about 2 years after my relationship with the mother of my kids ended. Ill change for about a good two months and I always end up going back to my old ways.

    1. Happiness is a relative state of mind, varying according to our sensitivity, perception, judgement, circumstances, priorities, prejudices and individual interests! Now when it is so mutifactorial and variable, how can one expect to be consistently and persistently happy? Being happy can NEVER be absolute and CANNOT have uniform standards for everyone 🙂 Instead of happiness, one should strive more for the attainment of JOY AND PEACE, which are invariably inner dynamic states of existence and ARE MORE STABLE!

    2. Real happiness is a state beyond the mind the man who had moved beyond the mind can find happiness even if suffering is there you are still happy .. Start meditating and slowly slowly you will see the happiness flowering on you from nowhere like a child, your real nature is happiness Find it .

    1. I'm a speck of a dust in the universe made of carbon… Nitrogen… Hydrogen … Oxygen… But a thinking dust…and the Power of thinking doesn't make me Supreme rather makes me feel humble.

    1. HMM, now there are two words in this question that form its base or origin, first one ATTRACTION and other one IGNORE! The Gravity of both of these depends on one's own perspective. Attraction may be either of these- on one hand it could be a haughty assertion, audacious infatuation, a wounded ego outburst, mean possessiveness whereas on other hand it could be a tender inclination, a genuine sense of belonging, an affectionate longing! Similarly, Ignore or feeling ignored is a resultant of unmet or unfulfilled expectations/ desires, it could also be self evaluated worth or inferiority/ superiority complex! Now it is up to our choice among the above options, on which any answer to this query shall be ABLE to convince or pacify us!

    2. The attachment for the thought which might be a person , a desire whatever it is . So the more attachment the more negative results , and what you want the most stays far and ignores your ego .
      In the end its the ego which is feeling ignored, yourself is beyond all attachments and thoughts .
      Have a jump .

    1. It is an inner instinct, divinely bestowed to facilitate selective and discrete decision making…..viewing it as a boon or curse shall undervalue this unique asset…because certain things need to be accepted without evaluating them….no doubt, such traits sometimes hurt and trouble the possessor, yet they are immensely helpful in a world flooding with fakeness and misnomers!!

    2. We already have that capability as sixth sense , the trouble starts when we read other other person's mind and react prematurely , because it's difficult to keep quiet after knowing it .. So I feel if god intended us to read minds , we'd've been born with this ability .It's a bane .

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