Let Me Be

Let Me Be

Let Me Be

Quiet and Calm I was in my shell

Protected from the ruthless and piercing winds

Unknown about the sheer black realities of dark life

Suddenly the shell breaks open and I venture into the unknown

The alluring red carpet shines but hides dark clouds of ruthless pain

Slowly and slowly I get lost and fade away as the life leisurely slips by

Thrown in the hardships, the dark side of life grips me and crushes me

I struggle to come out of the grey puddle and throw in myself to venture out of the dark

For to get out though I struggle, I scuffle and   I survive with deep trust in the mystical life

Life comes up in its own way to lift me and I learn to reap the hardships and struggles of pain

I thank life for all its blessings and the strength it gave me to build and rebuild myself

I survive life and I smile with consciousness!!

By Alka Singh

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