I know there’s good in this goodbye

I know there's good in this goodbye

I’ve suffered long enough. It’s my fault for letting you get comfortable with disrespecting me. I’ve sacrificed my heart too long for someone who could care less. I have no more patience to wait for your appreciation. ‘I’ll change’ is a lie you tell that I can no longer believe. To be real…letting go hurts, but I know there’s no healing in holding on. So, I’m making it my responsibility to detach myself from a relationship that has kept me from loving myself. Even though I can’t feel it now, I know there’s good in this goodbye.
– Trent Shelton.

Even when you won’t feel it then, there’s a lot of good hidden in some goodbyes.

24 thoughts on “I know there’s good in this goodbye”

  1. People would knock me for my twin and i divorcing each other,really. But her yrs of demanding me to change fir her and being so ugly to me was,not worth staying controlled by her..so dont listen to people who dont know what they're talking about.

  2. Though i didn't live one of this situations myself. I learned from a little person very next to me a lesson i will keep forever in my heart. She showed me such strength and determination in spite of her youth and her suffering that made me feel highly proud of her. Perhaps a seed was planted there, but the decision and belief were hers. Chapeau, my daughter….

    1. As has the suffering of some women that have passed through my life served as unique role models. They have displayed such beautiful strength of mind, body, soul, spirit and character in the face of the great adversity that their lives have brought them. I have learned from them that being uniquely different and outspoken is something to be treasured rather then shunned. They persevered and so shall I. We are but warriors goddesses of the heart that have refused to be cowed by the plague of fearful and jealous masses.

    2. Yes Jennifer Sebits. ..we gained strenght and determination, courage and independence.. ..however, as women we must keep our essence, those characteristcs that define our sex. I think that all that pain and negative experiences have made us more complete, but we mustn' t loose our nature. We run the risk of turning into some kind of "hibrids" always ready to fight or "at the defensive" all the time, and it is not a good way of living. It is important to keep our eyes open and learn from life for the next chances but from a wise and calm platform

    3. That will happen in good time, my dear. Namely when the time comes for me to continue on with my personal journey in life. When one finds themselves in a literal fight for their very sanity and freedom, they'll find themselves in a constant state of flight or fight in order to simply survive their current circumstances in any manner necessary. Constantly being on the defensive and ready to stand up and fight for the right to live their life in the manner of their choosing, is something that will keep them alive so that they can live to fight another day. When I leave my rusted and iron cage for good, I'll find my platform of serenity, once again. The wisdom is something that I have never misplaced in the first place. I see and know more then any one person could possibly understand.

    4. Maybe there are stages to get through before getting out of the situation one is attached to. But letting go is a good determination. Once is settled the position is time to leave behind all that bad and really live, not fight to live. It is a humble opinion. I' m sure you will find the peace you deserve, but try to focus on that to find it sooner. Our thoughts create who we are. And letting go is freedom. I' m nobody to teach nothing.. .i only try to help

  3. No pain. I was never that attached in the first place. I was always being realistic with what was or wasn't going on. A love affair with an idea of someone you think you might care for isn't really that difficult to let go of. It served its purpose at the time but it's not needed any longer. Time to move away from pretty illusions and into the messy reality that's everything wonderful about living this life.

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