Just because a person didn’t put hands on you

Just because a person didn't put hands on you

Emotional abuse, yes that’s something !

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22 thoughts on “Just because a person didn’t put hands on you”

  1. Today to the bank, the were dening to pay a chec they were emited themself, saing they have not money on the bank… but the company I was working for in France (GSF- a cleaning company) have an agreement with the bank… I became a bit insistent and I rased a bit the vouce tone to them… do you think I was abusive or they were abusive??? At the end, a miracle happened and I was finaly able to get my money… thank you to the Univers and to my conciouness for it! 😉 <3

    1. Alowing to pay only with checs or banks account transactions and deny to pay the employee with cash, is an abuse up to you, people? As far as I know it is not ilegal not haveing a bank account, but there is not other way to get paied for your work… I do not really understand it… 😉

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