A Journey Back to Your Soul

When we are born we were all pure souls. We can say at the moment of birth the soul is at its purest state of 100%, and our mind is at its Zero. Then our body begins to sense and learn and thus our mind develops. At each stage of mind’s development unknowingly some parts of our soul gets closed and we start to be apart from our own basic or pure nature. The more it gets closed the more we are able to lie, cheat, hurt, sin with out any regret.

For some we can see by the age they get matured the soul is at its 0%. We can realize this from actions and words they speak. Rarely we can also see that the even if the mind is fully developed the pure nature of the soul still exists in them at it’s 100%. They are the masters of the world like prophets and philosophers.

So what we understand is that we mostly keep loosing our soul while we are growing up. The soul shapes itself as per the dreams we set for us. Soul is connected to the universe and it communicates with it to lead us towards our goals. Sadly in the family and in the society we are not taught to set our goals for our spiritual development, but our goals are more concentrated on achieving material things like wealth, woman or fame.

But we can see that they are unhappy even if they achieve all they wanted. They feel incomplete or unsatisfied. We all have this problem. We all miss something. Everything we achieve lead us more to the sadness and desperate. The only way to get rid of is to travel back to our souls and open the closed doors one by one. We need to find the dark corners of our own and fill it the light of our own.

I am in a journey now. I just begun. I don’t think its a co incidence that I found this site. When we set our goals and start dreaming for it, our souls get ready for it and communicates to the universe, and the universe makes its plan for us to help us to get there. I see here so many people who are on their own journey and they leave their marks on the way that those who are on the same path can get the benefits.

Thank you Minds Journal….hope with all the other travelers of souls here I can also reach my enlightenment…

– Jaffer Abubakkar

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