It’s kinda confusing me

Wish things were so simple 🙂

46 thoughts on “It’s kinda confusing me”

  1. 3 primary reasons~ Lack of understanding/knowledge & Fear & Willingness = simply sad!!!! Communication is that important. Learning how to hear & speak effectively,each others personal language, is Massive!!!!!

  2. … actually, I would prefer you showed me instead of words, but the best is really both, and if the actions do not match the words, then maybe that’s enough not to ask anymore questions and just let it go. Closure is so important to be able let go, but sometimes, we just have to do it without closure, and that is the hardest of all.

  3. this post is so true of me…i remember a close friend & relative asked me questions and my reply was no and some i can't even answer…then suddenly heard them saying don't invest your feeling/emotions & time to someone who doesn't not communicate, is not open in public…it only shows and tell that he is hiding something if he can't come out. something to think about…

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